Poppy Sculpture - Sydney

Photographer, Bryan Marden. The photo attached was taken at sunrise on the Maroubra headland

Come see this unique ANZAC art work

When: ANZAC Day 25 April and
Remembrance Day 11 November

Where: Circular Quay in First Fleet Park

For more information, contact the sculptor Gary Grant at gary.grant@jobjump.com.au

Receive a free vial, signed and authenticated by the sculptor on the day. The vial's contents from the sculpture hold our connection with the land where our ANZAC spirit was forged.

The monumental sized steel sculpture is 1.5 metres high and 6.5 metres in length and is understood to be the largest sculpture of its kind in the world.

Each small vial tube that lie within the flower head contain sands from the shoreline at Albany authenticated as the last point where our soldiers left the Australian soil as they embarked on their troop ships to Gallipoli. Each vial also contains a pine needle from a pine tree whose ancestor was the original Lone Pine from the Gallipoli campaign.

Any member of the public may receive a vial as a complimentary gift on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. 4,000 vials will be given as gifts for the general public.

The work is a collaborative effort from a consortium of dedicated professionals including members from the Albany Historical Society WA, Yarralumla Nursery, Canberra, the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, a team of artisans and sculptor Gary Grant and is a gift for those present in Sydney to experience on these two special days.

Please inform your family and friends not miss out on this special occasion.

Sculptor's background Gary Grant has been involved in a number of special public sculptures, some of which were: 'Tree of Life' sculpture for Prince of Wales Children’s Hospital, Ronal Macdonald House Randwick; 'Star of Remembrance' sculpture for Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice Manly; 'Reconciliation' sculpture involving NSW National Parks and Wildlife with the La Perouse Aboriginal Land Council, 9/11 Decade of Remembrance' in association with the New York Tribute Center. Gary Grant has been an active member on the Executive of the Sculptors Society for 11 years.